Rules that govern classes, Sunshine State Horse Shows will be adhering to USEF Rules. This Rule Book can be found at: 

Exhibitors recognize that  FLORIDA STATUTE CHAPTER 773.01-773.05 Under Florida law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. 

Other Rules & Definitions:


·   Negative Coggins Required * No alcohol beverages * All Dogs must be on a leash.

·   All U.S.E.F Rules apply. Exception: Stallions must be shown & handled by an adult (over 18 yrs. of age).

·   No whips, schooling devices, “bagging”, shakers, noisemakers or aids of any kind are permitted in halter classes. Food is o.k.

·   All persons entered must wear a number and have a signed an entry form on file with show committee.

•   Attire: Boots, Breeches, Pants, English Attire, Western Attire. USEF/ASTM approved head-gear required for all participants in over fences classes & Junior aged participants in any class.

·   JUNIOR RIDER: 18 Years of Age and Under. Age remains same through series. 4-H Riders must be declared.

·   SENIOR RIDER: 19 Years and Older

·   W/T/C: Walk Trot Canter W/J/L: Walk Jog Lope. Jr.: Junior; Sr.: Senior.

·   Color Breed must have visible pattern/color: i.e. Palomino, Paint, Paint, Appaloosa, Dun, Buckskin. No registration papers required.

·   HIGH POINT: Divisions must be declared prior to show.  Exhibitors may enter English & Western classes, but the declared division will be tabulated for High Point. Exhibitors may enter W/T & W/T/C classes, but one must be a ‘schooling’ class & not judged.  Number must be turned over.  High Points are based upon horse/rider combination.  SERIES TOP CHAMP: Points tabulated on total earned at the 3 show series on the declared riders division.

·   Ribbons will be awarded from 1st to 6th place.

Points Tabulation:     

1st = 7 points; 2nd =5 points; 3rd =4 points; 4th = 3 points; 5th = 2 points; 6th = 1 point





     4H & Junior Rider Walk/Trot English: 1,2,10/11,15,19,23,34,50

     Senior Rider Walk/Trot English: 1,3,10/11/12,16,20,24,35,51

     4H & Junior Rider Walk/Jog Western: 1,2,7/8,23,34,38,42,50

     Senior Rider Walk/Jog Western: 1,3,7/8/9,24,35,39,43,51

     4-H & Junior Rider W/T/C English: 1,2,10/11,17,21,25,36,52

     Senior Rider W/T/C English: 1,3,10/11/12,18,22,26,37,53

     4-H & Junior Rider W/J/L Western: 1,2,7/8,36,40,44,52 

     Senior Rider W/J/L Western: 1,3,7/8/9,37,41,45,53

     4-H & Junior Rider Ranch: 1,4,7/8,36,46,48,54

     Senior Rider Ranch: 1,5,7/8/9,37,47,49,55


     (Horse/Rider combination must attend 2 of 3 shows) 

     For all of the divisions listed above 

FALL SHOW SERIES OVER ALL TOP 4-H,  Junior & Senior Riders!